Laser Marker

Products Name / Basic Features Working Area Laser Source Wattage
StellarMark I-series StellarMark I-series Ultrafast galvanometer fiber laser can raise productivity with marvelous marking quality. 70x70mm - 180x180mm Fiber Laser 20W~50W
StellarMark C-series StellarMark C-series Compact CO2 laser marker can be easily integrated into factory automation systems. 10x10mm - 300x300mm CO2 Laser 12W~60W
LFC LFC Industrial laser marking workstation design with your safety and convenience in mind. 27.5 x 16 in.
(700 x 400 mm)
CO2 Laser
Fiber Laser
CO2 Laser 12W~60W
Fiber Laser 20W~50W