GCC Innovation with a human touch month 2015 February
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  Double Color Sticker Application  
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Share your Showcase
Every participant will receive a free 8G USB Flash drive from GCC...Read more
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  Dazzling Rhinestone T-shirts
It's fashionable and appealing to apply rhinestones to apparel, and such an application has become an indispensable trend... Read more
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  All New GCC LaserPro StellarMark IFII Fiber Laser Marker
Equipped with the world- leading SPI fiber laser source and CTI scanning head, GCC IFII fiber laser marker transmits and controls the laser beam that hits the working... Read more
  External Control Interface Board Is Available for GCC LaserPro Spirit Series
The External Control Interface Board is an optional item that allows users to set up GCC laser machines for communication with external devices such as odor reduction units... Read more
  Sasaki-Kogei ‘s Versatile Wooden Applications Engraved by GCC LaserPro
Sasaki-Kogei participated in a special Hokkaido Exhibition, held in Taipei Dayeh Takashimaya department store to spread its timber business with... Read more
  Working with FabLab Dynamic and MakerBar To Bring More Creativity
To introduce digital fabrication to schools, Fablab Dynamic customized the FabTruck as a mobile fablab to travel around Taiwan... Read more

GCC LaserPro Powered by Synrad
Laser machines consist of many key components; among them, laser tubes undoubtedly play an extraordinarily important role. To provide customers the best quality products, GCC LaserPro assigns Synrad laser as our supplier which enables GCC LaserPro to continually contribute the most innovative and advance laser machines on the market.

Synrad was founded in 1984 and has delivered over 175,000 lasers in use throughout the world. Synrad is renowned for its high reliability and consistent power stability CO2 laser series in the industry, not to mention fast rise and fall time is typically under 50usec and the excellent beam quality with smallest achievable spot size or maximum power density, result in faster processing speed. More than that, laser tube on Synrad Life Test have passed 45,000 hours and are still going strong.

“We have been working with Synrad since we launched our very first laser engraver that both of us value this long and precious partnership,” Dr. Leonard Shih, CEO of GCC said. “For these years, GCC has become a primary provider of laser engravers, cutters and markers; we will keep doing good things for providing customers more innovative products.

Power By Synrad

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  link We have already bought 3 units of Venus and 1 Jupiter to produce the stamps. GCC laser machines are corresponding to Russian Federations Stamps norms and standards in spite of 1000dpi, when following them it must be not less then 1200dpi resolution.     - Mr. Chirkov  (Russia)    
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