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Can I make money with Stellar Mark?
Sure, you can make money with the Stellar Mark laser marking system. Many companies require logos, serial numbers and barcodes for packaging. There is always a huge market for marking systems. With advantages in permanent marking technology and free consumption costs in laser marking, more and more companies are benefiting from the advantages in traceability and brand identity.

According to a report in “Industrial Laser Solutions for Manufacturer” (Jan 2003, p7~13), marking is the top industrial laser application with an estimated 24% of the market in 2001. “Laser Focus World” also found that the laser market was expected to grow 12% in 2003.
Is GCC LaserPro safe to operate?
Yes, GCC LaserPro laser engravers are certificated and tested by CE and FCC for laser and electronic operation safety. In addition, the GCC LaserPro laser system achieves CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) IIIA safety criteria. A laser system without a red beam pointer for positioning only can meet the class I safety criteria. However, as far as universal safety guidelines are concerned, lasers should not be used without first attending classes and wearing protective glasses.
Can I make money with a GCC LaserPro laser engraver?
Yes, a GCC LaserPro laser engraver can fulfill various applications and help you make money with various products, such as engraving or cutting awards, plaques, signage, decorative items, personalized items, desk accessories, name plates, business cards, name card holders, rubber stamps, architectural models, puzzle gifts, trophies, mugs, glassware, exhibitions picture frames, sporting goods, circuit boards, textile applications, miniatures, 3D engravings, barcode markings, fabric cutting and engraving, model making, give-away items, etc. A GCC LaserPro Showcase will bring you new ideas about applications for business sales. 


What kind of materials can a GCC LaserPro laser engraver cut or engrave?
Acrylic Cork Leather Paper  Styrene
Anodized Aluminum Crystal coated metal Marble Plastic Tile
Anodized metal Fabric Matte board Polyester Veneer
Bamboo Fiberglass Melamine Polyester film Vinyl
Carbide Foam Mylar Pressboard Wood
Cardboard Glass Nylon Rubber  
Ceramics Kevlar Painted metals Silicon  
Composites  Laminated plastic  Painted materials Stone  


Can I do contour cutting (cut after print) with GCC cutting plotters?
Yes, the SignPal Jaguar series has a built-in contour cutting function. By enabling the contour cutting function, sign makers can utilize contour cutting with most cutting software, such as SignPal (Expert, Master and Pro versions), FlexiSign, EasySign, Signlab and even Corel Draw.
What is the life of a blade?
Basically, the knife shipped with a GCC cutting plotter has a 5 mile cutting lifespan. However, it varies depending on different applications. Therefore, it is encouraged to use the Cut Test function to verify the sharpness of the blade and to choose an appropriate cutting force. The Cut Test procedure will not only provide you with a means of selecting a proper tool force, prolonging the knife's lifespan, but will also assist you in checking if you have chosen the right settings (offset for instance) to ensure output quality.
My operating system is Windows XP. Are there any compatibility issues when using GCC SignPal cutters?
Basically, GCC SignPal cutters accept HPGL commands from your computer. The HPGL command language is a widely used graphical language. It is not affected by your operating system. However, the cutting software that you use may have a compatibility issue if it was developed before Windows XP. Sign makers should check with their cutting software supplier for upgraded software in order to resolve any compatibility problems.
What is the maximum acceptable media thickness for GCC cutting plotters?
0.8 mm (including backing paper)
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