Press Release

The New Generation of GCC LaserPro T500
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is glad to launch the NEW T500!
Inherited the innovative character of T500, the NEW T500 exhibits 2 extra traits: the 6” focal lens and Germany Rofin 150W laser and 340W laser at peak power while keeping these amazing features: the powerful AC servo motor, the wide belt motion design, and the reinforced welded steel frame. Additionally, the NEW T500 is capable of carrying objects with the thickness up to 5” when engraving is performed through 2” or 4” lenses. This feature aims to fulfill the need of processing large-sized thick materials.
GCC initiates its partnership with Rofin, a worldwide leading laser tube manufacturer from Germany which is known for its cutting expertise with field proven performance. The NEW T500 features its unique design plus Rofin 150W laser which guarantees max. 340W peak power. Penetrating 1” thick acrylic and 18mm plywood is a piece of cake for the NEW T500, making it a high ROI option.
Apart from thick material cutting, T500 delivers superb image engraving quality and stable scribing quality at full speed. T500 is embedded with the powerful state-of-the-art AC servo motor and controller, delivering incredible engraving and cutting performance. With the optional AAS module that reads registration marks for contour cutting, T500 ushers your business into the world of Print and Cut sign market. Its Pass-through function further opens the door to long objects processing.
Along with its fascinating features and performance, T500, which keeps customer safety in mind, is certified with CE EN60825-1: 2007 class 2, CDRH Class 3, and Europe MD (Machinery Directive) safety complaint.
T500 is the right choice you cannot miss…….

To discover more product information, please contact your local sales representative or visit us at www.GCCworld.com.