Press Release

Engraving Tip and Fabric Interfacing Available for GCC i-Craft™
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is glad to launch new optional items for the i-Craft™ scrapbook cutting machine – the engraving tip package & fabric interfacing to help users to diversify custom items.
With the engraving tip and appropriate settings in SCA 4, i-Craft™ engraves on stainless steel tags that are widely used for signs, metallic tags and logos, decorative tags, and many more. Simply insert the engraving tip into the tool holder and replace the original blade holder with the pen holder, and then you can create personalized and supreme-quality stainless steel tags easily.
To see is to believe: https://youtu.be/AMnNADKv-Kw
Fabric interfacing is a textile used to facilitate the cutting of fabric with a thin adhesive backing. The step is as simple as applying the fabric interface to the fabric and ironing the interface onto it. You may then cut the fabric into desired shapes and sizes with the i-Craft™ scrapbook cutting machine to make custom and creative decorations.
To see is to believe: https://youtu.be/ErL3nrWP94E
To discover more product information, please contact your local sales representative or visit us at www.GCCworld.com.