Press Release

30W & 50W Models Join GCC LaserPro S290LS & Marker Line
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce the addition of 30W and 50W options to its LaserPro S290LS flatbed fiber-laser and StellarMark IFII galvo-laser marking product lines.
The new 30W and 50W models apply the U.K. fiber laser RMZ series which fires a thin and round laser beam and has two waveform options (WF0 & WF1). Waveform is a laser pulse with a specific shape, pulse energy and pulse duration time. WF1 is with shorter pulse duration, while WF0 has longer pulses; the benefits of shorter pulses include higher throughput, more contrast marks and diversified marking effects. The 30W and 50W models hence produce better throughput and deep marking performance than lower wattage varieties. GCC LaserPro provides more wattage models to meet different application requirements and allow more potential business opportunities.
Here are the currently available GCC LaserPro S290LS flatbed laser marker and StellarMark IFII fiber laser marker models:
GCC LaserPro S290LS
Specification S290LS-20RMZ S290LS-20SHS S290LS-30RMZ S290LS-40HHS S290LS-50RMZ
Laser Source Fiber 20W Fiber 30W Fiber 40W Fiber 50W
Beam Quality (M2) 1064 nm
Laser M2 <1.6 <1.3 <1.6 2.5-3.5 <1.6
Laser Peak Power (kW) >10 >7 >10 >20 >10
Work Area 25 x 18 in. (640 x 460 mm) extendable to 29 x 18 in. (740 x 460 mm)
StellarMark I-series IF 20RMZ IF 20SHS IF 40HHS
Laser Source Wavelength 1064 nm
Type Yb-doped, MOPA
Output Power 20W 40W
Beam Mode TEM00
Beam Quality (M²) <1.6 ≦ 1.3 2.6-3.7
Frequency 1~200 KHz 1~1000 KHz
Waveform Fixed 25


Max. Linear Marking Speed 3,000 mm/s
Max. Marking Speed 10,000 mm/s
Electrical Requirements Power Supply 110-220V, 50/60 Hz, Max. 10 Amp
Power Consumption 1449W
Dimensions Laser head L 508 x W 168 x H 185 mm
Control unit L 470 x W 360 x H 241 mm
Laser Marker Weight 9kg
Control Unit Weight 25kg
Operating system Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP / Vista(32/64 Bit) / 7(32/64 Bit) / 8(32/64 Bit) (Desktop or Laptop PCs)
Environment Temperature 15°C ~ 35°C
Humidity 10 ~ 80% Non condensing
Safety Class 4 (Optional Class 1 or 3R)
For more details about waveform applications, please refer to history newsletters: