Press Release

GCC LaserPro H230 Demonstrates Superior Cutting and Marking Capabilities
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is delighted to introduce GCC LaserPro H230.

Having incorporated the galvanometer scanning head and the XY gantry motion system, GCC LaserPro H230 represents the ultimate integration of technologies: high working speed, precise working quality and a large working area.

The laser beam travels from the galvanometer scanning head to the working objects at maximum working speed of 2,000mm/sec. within the scanning area and moves to the remaining scanning areas to complete the entire working area of 600x400mm (23.6”x16”) matrix maximum.

Thanks to the high speed and high accuracy galvanometer scanning head, the H230 delivers 10 times as much throughput as conventional flying optic laser cutting and engraving systems and meets the utmost standards of accuracy.

Based on our experience, characters of 0.5mm in height can be achieved by PCB marking. The H230 features different CO2 and Fiber laser source options, different scanning areas from 60x60mm to140x140mm, automatic z-axis movements, auto focus, and the GCC LaserPro intuitive control panel operation. H230 is definitely your best partner to either cut thin materials-especially when small dimension or precision is required in stencil, paper, and film industries-or simply mark tiny texts/barcodes on full work table (tray) parts.

For more product information, please contact local GCC sale representatives in your area or visit www.GCCworld.com.