Press Release

GCC Introduces New AAS for its Laser Products
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is glad to offer an all new AAS Module which is now available for the GCC LaserPro Spirit, X380, Gaia and X500II models. The new AAS module is capable of better recognition rate.
An AAS module can be installed on selected GCC LaserPro models to enhance cutting precision. For print and cut applications, it is common to print graphics with registration marks which will be cut with laser cutters with AAS modules in order to achieve better precision. Precise print and cut jobs can be achieved with GCC LaserPro AAS module. GCC AAS module offers the following auto-correction features which ensures precise contour cuts:
  • Auto-Tracking
    Recognizes misaligned object up to 10 degrees. When users place their working material casually on the working table, the AAS system can detect and automatically make adjustments to offset the misalignment for up to 10 degrees.
  • Auto-Scaling
    When the graphics become slightly scaled-down during the printing process, Auto-Scaling is able to amend it within the allowances of +/-7.5mm.
  • Auto-Keystone Correction
    LaserPro AAS module is capable of identifying slight graphical distortion generated during printing process by Auto-Keystone Correction feature. The tolerance of distortion is +/- 7.5mm.