Press Release

New GCC LaserPro FMC280 Option—Thin Metal Film Clamping Device
The GCC LaserPro FMC280 fiber laser metal cutting system positions itself as a compact and powerful fiber laser cutting system for a broad types of metal materials for industrial prototyping, education, jewelry design and engineering purposes.
Not only thick metal, but also thin metal films or metal meshes can be handled by the FMC280 laser cutting system. Thin metal films can be easily thermally distorted and its flatness affected by high pressure assisted gas during high power laser cutting process; meanwhile precise focal distance is critical to the quality of laser cutting. The GCC LaserPro team therefore develops the Thin Metal Film Clamping Device to keep thin metal materials flat without curls caused by the high pressure assisted gas and thermal distortion during laser cutting process to maintain the cutting quality. The working area of Thin Metal Film Clamping Device is 458mmx305mm (18”x12”).
The installation of the clamping device is easy: it is mounted on the machine platform with just a few screws, and users can move and slide the clamping bar to fix the curved metal film based on their intuition. The main consumable of this fixture is the C180II honeycomb table in the middle, which can also be changed within minutes.