Press Release

GCC LaserPro Printer Driver Features Time Estimation and Job Preview
The GCC LaserPro laser engraver all series printer driver features a job preview function that previews graphics before the official laser printing process. One of the highlights of this feature is that it provides an estimated working time*. Simply tick “Preview” on the GCC LaserPro printer driver and save the file via “print to file”, a preview window with the estimated working time will pop up. Then tick the preview graphic again to make sure everything looks satisfying before pressing “Print” to start a laser engraving or cutting job.
Of course, the working time is only estimation, which might be slightly different from the actual working time. The advantage is that the estimated working time is an easy tool for operators to know in advance as how much time will be needed to finish the job for better job management; it is also convenient for a printing shop to provide a quotation for its laser services.