Press Release

GCC Roll Holder System Optional for T500 large Format Laser Engraver

GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is glad to release more add-ons to make the T500 large format laser engraver more versatile to meet different market application needs. Starting from the new shipment in 2017 from the GCC Taiwan factory, the T500 laser engraver will come with the optional Roll Holder System for users to manually load roll media like flex, films, labels, technical fiber, felt and more materials for laser cutting and engraving jobs. T500 integrates the Roll Holder System into the AASTM contour cutting module, making it possible to cut printed roll media for signage and graphic industries.

More than this, the Roll Holder System is capable of loading roll materials to cover the whole cutting area when doing thick and rigid material laser cutting like acrylic sheets. Its enhanced down vacuum technology produces clearer cutting edges than ever before. The efficient and friendly process will take your breath away!

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