Press Release

Work Smart with GCC LaserPro’s Material Database for Full-line Laser Engravers

GCC, a global forefront manufacturer in the visual communication industry, is pleased to introduce its LaserPro's material database.

Available for all GCC LaserPro laser engraving and cutting systems (Venus II, C180II, Mercury III, Sprit series, T500, S290LS, FMC280, and X series), the material database consists of pre-built-in parameter settings to work with a wide variety of materials including wood, acrylic, glass, 2py-laminated plastic, marble, tiles, rubber, coated metal, and more. With this convenient function, users can easily set up their tool by selecting the appropriate job type (engraving or cutting) and material categories for the corresponding parameters to be applied. Moreover, through this material database, users are able to efficiently complete their tasks without having to retry parameters, thus effectively minimize unnecessary waste of materials or time.

By clicking "Print" once your design is ready in your graphic design software and choosing "Options" before clicking "Parameter", the material database will pop up with suggested parameter settings for specified materials and job type.