Press Release

Unique GCC LaserPro MG380Hybrid Is Available Now
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is pleased to announce that MG380Hybrid is available now.
GCC LaserPro MG380Hybrid offers a combination of the best powerful cutting system of X380 and acquires superb engraving ability.
Advantages of MG380Hybrid are as follows:
  1. One for all: High engraving quality of RF-driven laser tubes and low per-wattage cost of DC CO2 glass tube laser within one machine.
  2. Innovative software features: the user-friendly control interface makes your job easy and simple. The unique GCC LaserPro driver offers multiple functions to create superb cutting and engraving quality. The intelligent driver processes jobs according to vector and raster settings. When processing engraving jobs, MG380Hybrid activates the metal laser tube automatically while using the glass laser tube to process vector jobs automatically when cutting is required.
  3. Saves your space: customers do not need to buy one cutting machine and one engraving machine. MG380Hybrid can satisfy all your application needs.
Information is subject to change without prior notice. To discover more product information, please contact your local sales representative or visit us at www.GCCworld.com.