Press Release

Honeycomb table for X500II is now available
GCC, a global forefront equipment communication provider in the visual communication industry, is glad to announce that the Honeycomb table for GCC LaserPro X500II is now available.

The advantages of using Honeycomb table are:
1.The Honeycomb table is great for cutting of thin or flexible material. The opening from the honeycomb table provides a downward draft holding the material in place.
2.The Honeycomb table can be easily installed and/or replaced on the X500II.
3.The Honeycomb table can hold a max. weight of 5kgs spread evenly across the entire working area when all the original tipped bars are spread evenly to hold the Honeycomb table in place.

Don’t hesitate, contact your local sales representative or visit us at http://www.gccworld.com/