Press Release

Cutting Twill Letterings with the GCC LaserPro X-Series
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, performs exceptional laser cutting quality on twill fabric by using GCC LaserPro X 252 laser cutter.
GCC LaserPro laser X-series provides customers with a refined spot size and superior software control technology that enable users to carry out delicate cutting quality on a wide range of applications including twill fabric .
The advantages of laser cutting include:
  1. Saving the material cost: the precise processing ability of GCC LaserPro laser cutters can greatly save material cost;
  2. Saving the labor cost:  the laser seals the edges while cutting the fabrics, which is a labor-saving process as the second procedure is needless
  3. A delicate cutting edge: The GCC LaserPro X-series utilizes a high speed closed-loop DC servo motor for precise and fast carriage movements to ensure exceptionally accurate cutting outputs.
Test Environment
Model: X252 80W
Lens: 2"
Test Result
In order to keep the last layer intact, please set ppi to 100 to get a dotted line cutting result as below picture shown
Test Parameter as below
X252 80W
Layer 1 (Cut off layer 1)
Speed Power dpi ppi Other
22% 65% 1000 100 Air
Layer 2 (Cut off layer 2)
Speed Power dpi ppi Other
17% 80% 1000 100 Air
Layer 3 (Cut off three layers)
Speed Power dpi ppi Other
10% 100% 1000 100 Air
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