Press Release

New Optional SmartBOX for X252 & X380
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual-tech industry, is pleased to announce that the New Optional SmartBOX for X252/X380 is now available.

The SmartBOX is an innovative combination of a cutting box, honeycomb table, and material support stands. During the cutting and engraving process, unwanted scrap, dust, and vapor byproducts are left behind. The cutting box collects the larger scrap byproducts while venting out the smaller dust particles, vapors, and smoke to minimize excess buildup on the machine, worktable, and your project. The SmartBOX allows you to maintain a clean worktable and minimizes backside burning of your media, whether you are working with thick and firm materials or thin and flexible materials.

It is highly recommended that you use different setups of the SmartBOX depending on the physical properties of the material you will be working with. Here is the recommended SmartBOX component setups based on your working material.

Component Application

Cutting Box

Honeycomb Table

Material Support Stands

Thin, Flexible Materials



Not Required

Thick, Firm Materials


Not Required


The advantages of using a SmartBox are:
1.Back reflection is reduced either with using the honeycomb table or the supporting bars of the SmartBox.
2.Air suction enables thin film material to be kept in place

In addition, with the SmartBox is installed, there is an 8 cm material clearance on the working table when working with a 2” focal lens and a 3 cm material clearance when working with a 4” focal lens.

For more information, please contact your local sales representative or visit http://www.gccworld.com/