Laser Marker

Applicable Models
Detailed and Explicit Copper Cutting
Marking on stainless steel is a common application using the StellarMark I-series; the LaserPro Application Lab had previously introduced various showcases that exhibited assorted application examples. The StellarMark I-series optimally constructs superb and meticulous products, for that reason, many customers would opt for I-series when they need to create detailed and explicit engraving applications.
In the previous showcases we had exhibited copper electro plating, in which it used Laser to etch away unwanted copper residues on plastic plates, and presented I-series’ proficient performance and excellent engraving capabilities. Now the LaserPro Application Lab will continue to work with StellarMark I-series to demonstrate copper cutting applications. We will use a 0.1mm copper plate, with 3-4 times of repeated cutting action; the copper plate will be effortlessly cut-off, leaving a smoothly finished edge. Resultantly, only a slight stroke will be required to break away this sample.
  • Before marking begins, please make sure that the copper plate is even and leveled.
  • Freshly cut/severed copper plates may be left with a hot surface temperature, please take caution when handling.