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Applicable Models
Use StellarMark to mark high-quality 2D Barcodes on PCB

For the purposes of assembly management, when each batch of PCBs is produced, manufacturers would customarily engrave relevant production information, serial numbers and other data on PCBs produced.

Operating with StellarMark to etch production data on 1D barcodes optimally achieves efficient and high quality results. For your reference, we had also previously exhibited 1D Barcode marking applications in our earlier showcases.

In light of the current market trends, it is quite likely that the dimension of PCBs will gradually condense in size. Thus, if the amount of information shown on the 1D Barcode is too excessive, the length will need to be extended, thus effecting to operation inconveniences. Consequently, numerous users have begun using 2D barcodes to etch data as it permits storage of greater volume of information with minimal space required.

As a comparative example demonstrated below with 15 characters, it is apparent that the 2D barcode is significantly small in size/dimensions. This is a greater and more appealing advantage in terms of the trend to produce smaller PCBs.


1D Barcode
2D Barcode
This month the LaserPro application lab will exhibit methods to use StellarMark to mark on 2D Barcodes, and further demonstrate its applications on PCBs. By using the CO2 laser of the C-series, operators will be able to mark on high-quality 2D barcodes with ease.