Laser Marker

Applicable Models
Copper electro plating
Copper electro plating is a fundamental element in PCBs as it is used to transmit all currents passing through the circuit boards. Currently the etching method is most commonly used to process copper electro plating, mostly to etch away unwanted residues or to insulate objectives. Before the PCB actually reaches the assembly line, any minor modifications made still designates that the PCB to be etched. At the product experimentation phase, this is considered to be extremely time consuming.
This month the LaserPro Application Lab will showcase laser marking methods used on copper electro plating. StellarMark will save you time, leaving you with more spare time to conduct further experimentation and product development.
  • Please ensure that all resource materials are evenly leveled before laser marking begins.
  • The thickness of copper electro plating will vary, please adjust parameters accordingly.
  • After marking, please swipe gently with ethyl alcohol to clear away any remaining copper residue on the surface.