Laser Cutter

EPE Cutting
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab has previously introduced various packaging projects. Laser is an efficient and practical tool for processing both outer and inner packages. This month, the GCC LaserPro Application Lab characterizes another packaging project by using EPE (Expanded Polyethylene), a material with exceptional elasticity and impact strength that is widely used in protective packaging.

Traditionally, EPE is cut through casting molds tailored to the specific shape and size requests. It is a huge bill to face for small number production. Laser cutting systems eliminate the worries as all you need is send designed images to the system to allow mass production, saving the cost of casting molds. Here is the LaserPro demonstration on EPE:


Step 1. Place the EPE board on the honeycomb table.

Step 2. Press "Autofocus" to automatically set the focal distance.

Step 3. Press "Start" to begin processing.

Step 4. Sample is complete.

Suggested parameters:
Spirit GLS 100W






3 %

100 %



Air Assist
*The parameters are for suggestions only and should be moderately adjusted accordingly.
  • Before you start the job, please make sure the EPE board is completely flat and even to ensure cutting quality.
  • Please keep the air assist system on to improve cutting quality.