Portable Cutting Plotter

Applicable Models
Desktop Roll Media Support System Installation

With the brilliant innovation of the Desktop Roll Media Support System, i-Craft is now able to work on roll media. The i-Craft Application Lab of the month unveils the simple installation of this stunning tool.

Supporting roll media when i-Craft works on long image cutting, GCC Desktop Roll Media Support System is applicable to various types of roll materials including vinyl, wall paper and many more. With a straightforward installation process, it comes with a friendly design to help customers with their roll media jobs. With this genius system, you can create customized items so easily that you will find handcrafting fun and irresistible!

The i-Craft Application Lab of the month shows you how to cut graphics using Sure Cuts A Lot, a standard GCC software program. Sure Cuts A Lot is exceptionally easy to use and allows you to cut all sorts of geometric shapes, texts, images, and numbers in a blink of an eye, making it the most ideal partner for handcrafters, art learning centers and graphic designers.