Laser Cutter

Christmas Decoration

Christmas is coming, do you start decorating your house? There are a great variety of Christmas decorations; you can decorate your Christmas tree with all kinds of accessories, hang Christmas stripes on the wall, or put season candles on the table. When you finish the decorations, you can also spray Christmas patterns on the glass window to complete your Christmas decoration.

This month, GCC LaserPro Application Lab is introducing you several kinds of spraying plate. You can spray more colorful and vibrant patterns on the window by using these spraying plates. Let’s follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to decorate your window!

Materials that need to be prepared:

Step 1. Place paper on the working table and be ready for engraving.

Step 2. Press AutoFocus button for focusing.

Step 3. Press start button for engraving

Step 4. Take out the engraved plate.

Step 5. Put the plate on the window for spraying.

Step 6. Done!

Suggested parameters:

C180 30W






10 %

100 %



Inside out cutting

*The parameters are for suggestions only and should be moderately adjusted accordingly.
  • Make sure the materials are flat and even before engraving to avoid material waste due to misfocusing.
  • Select inside out cutting to avoid material falling.