Laser Cutter

Twill Cutting with X-Series

Twill is a type of fabric material that is very suitable for logos due to its stiffness and multi-layer lamination.

Traditional Twill logo has a quite complicated manufacturing process. First, the Twill needs to be cut into multiple pieces of layers and laminate back together. Not only is it inconvenient to align, laminating is also very time and cost consuming. Thanks to technology, the use of lasers in multi-layer appliqué for Twill logo is definitely your best solution.

This month, GCC LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate the applications of multi-layer appliqué of Twill. You can first laminate the layers of Twill together, and use the professional GCC LaserProX-Series for cutting. GCC LaserPro driver offers multiple sets of parameters settings, allowing you to adjust cutting parameters for different layers of Twill. Adjustable PPI also allows the laser output to be more stable, so the Twill can be cut in one process, eliminating further alignment and laminating work after cutting. All you need to do is strip the unwanted parts off and it can be directly heat pressed on clothes for easy mass production. Now, let’s take a look at GCC LaserPro Application Lab demonstrations!

  • Twill

Step 1. Laminate 3 layers of Twill together

Step 2. Placed the laminated Twill on the working table

Step 3. Press the auto-focus button for auto-focus

Step 4. Use different colors of pen at the Driver’s end to set cutting parameters for different layers of Twill
Step 5. Press Start and begin processing

Step 6. Place the twill on the desired ideas that need to be printed and place it firmly by doing Heat Press.

Step 7. Sample Complete

Suggested parameters:

X252 80W

1 layer cutting






22 %

70 %



Manual color fill

2 layer cutting
15 %

80 %



Manual color fill

3 layer cutting
10 %

100 %



Manual color fill

*The parameters are for suggestions only and should be moderately adjusted accordingly.
  • Before cutting, please make sure the Twill is flat to avoid image being out of focus and result in defective cutting.
  • Too many layers of Twill laminated will lead to the bottom material being out of focus. It is recommended to laminate a maximum of 4 layers.
  • Reduce PPI can avoid the bottom layer of Twill to be cut off directly. Recommended setting for PPI is 100.