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Paper Cutting
Paper Cutting

This month the LaserPro Application Lab will showcase paper cutting applications.

For cutting applications of large paper volumes, manufacturers usually opt to choose automatic paper cutting models to process these voluminous tasks; as this would improve productive efficiency and minimize labor expenses. However, even though automatic paper cutting models offer proficient speed, but most models can only accomplish simple cutting requirements. Therefore, when other complicated or complex cutting jobs take place, you will need more competent tools to complete the tasks at hand.

Now you can choose the LaserPro StellarMark C-series to cut complex and assorted papers, as it advantageously offers hassle-free cutting capabilities. It offers fast cutting to enhance your production efficiency and also effectively eliminates charred edges of paper products.

The LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate with StellarMark C-series to showcase paper cutting applications, experimenting with regular paper and attempt to cut out all sorts of complex and meticulous shapes, all to demonstrate the outstanding and top cutting performance of the StellarMark C-series.
Paper Cutting
  • Please ensure paper is flat and even before cutting begins, check for folds or creases as these would negatively affect performance and quality of paper cutting.
  • Moderately adjust laser output, too much power may scorch the working paper or cause yellowing of paper.