Laser Marker

Applicable Models
Fashionable and Refined Leather Cutting

In recent years, the apparel industry has increasingly used delicately refined leather engravings to elevate product texture, creating perfectly cut leather garments and stunning leather accessories, gradually creating a fashionable trend. Various trendy and popular accessories were created from leather, and mostly cut out or engraved by machines. However, the costs to manufacture molds are quite hefty and will further accumulate to production cost, moreover, regular molds maintenance is also required, and all will further inconvenience operators and customers. Therefore, operators have been looking for solutions that deliver elevated cutting quality with consistent production performance, in which StellarMark has been popularly received and proved to be a favorable choice since it meets the abovementioned requirements.

Now, apply and incorporate StellarMark in your production line, it has a Scan Head which enables faster sampling and efficient production. Therefore, users will no longer require to manufacture expensive molds for leather cutting, just utilize StellarMark as part of your production line, you will be able to efficiently complete mass production jobs.

The LaserPro application lab will demonstrate with leather cutting samples, through them you will experience and envisage StellarMark¡¦s swift cutting performance and quality output.

Applications on refined leather:
Cutting leather with laser marking system
  • Parameters should vary for different leather resource media. Please moderately adjust the parameters to minimize resource waste.
  • Please use a suction fan during cutting to eliminate excess air on lens since it may affect laser output.