Laser Marker

Applicable Models
Dark Marking
General laser applications on metals are mostly letter markings or vector markings. The YVO4 Laser of the I-series has a small and refined spot size, capable of achieving sophisticated marking results; and approximately 60% of applications are markings on metals.
When customers require clear and easily recognized marking results on metals, dark markings are usually preferred. Operators generally choose to adjust levels of both Power and Speed which eventually give different colored markings on metals. However, these types of adjustments mostly generate brown colored marking and may also damage surfaces of metals, leaving users with unrefined results.

This month the LaserPro Application Lab will introduce to exhibit techniques that create black markings. In addition to adjust both the Power and Speed levels, operators can also modify Laser Frequencies, and lower the Peak Power of Laser output, ultimately producing black colored markings and still fully preserve the surfaces of metals. When operators encounter similar marking requirements in the future, by following parameter settings given by LaserPro Application Lab, they will be able to efficiently produce required marking samples on request.

The LaserPro Application Lab will use the 304 Stainless steel to create samples. Please adjust Frequency levels to fall between 60~70 kHz, this will prevent the laser from being too strong and causing possible damage to metal surfaces. With appropriate power levels and speed, black markings can be generated with ease.

  • Different metals create different results, not all metals are able to deliver dark marking results.