Vinyl Cutter

Applicable Models
Cutting soft magnetic materials with a GCC cutting plotter

Model: Jaguar IV
Blade: Green blade
Force: 300g
Speed: 15cm/s
Quality: small letter
Media Thickness: 0.8mm

GCC is pleased to share a new application, magnet cutting, by using the GCC Jaguar IV cutting plotter. With the add-on flat table that GCC brought out lately, users can effortlessly adopt magnet cutting applications.Through such technology, you can not only make various magnets for families and friends by yourselves, but also establish your own small family businesses for extra income.The magnet application has been widely used from restaurant design to vehicle decoration.You can make various kinds and small volume of magnet production through the following easy procedures:


1.Prepare an add-on flat table for GCC Jaguar IV cutting plotter and an adhesive film.

cutting plotter

2.Stick the soft magnetic materials on the adhesive film. Note:Make sure that you place the magnetic material with the magnetic side facing up so that it will not stick to the platen.

Cutting soft magnetic materials with a GCC cutting plotter

3.Put the adhesive film coupled with the soft magnetic material into the GCC cutter.

GCC vinyl cutter

4.Send the file to the cutter

Send the file to the vinyl cutter

5.Sample finished.

sample finished by vinyl cutter