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Engraving 1D Barcode with XY Table

A barcode is a depiction of data represented by combinations of lines (in different widths) and spacings between parallel lines; it is a graphic representation following a set principle to signify various means. Barcodes can represent country of origin, product name, manufacturer, date of manufacture, and LCCN (Library of Congress Classification Number) and more. It has been popularly used for product exchange, library management, postal management, Banking and various other fields.

The LaserPro Application Lab had previously introduced barcode applications (use StellarMark to mark barcode). Now adding to that, as well as applying the StellarMark series, users can also utilize the LaserPro Laser Engravers to engrave 1D Barcodes.

This month the LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate with LaserPro Laser Engraver series to create 1D Barcodes, so that you can easily engrave a variety of 1D barcodes for your customers.

Sample Making:

First use CorelDRAW to create a 1D Barcode by clicking ‘Edit’ on the upper right-hand toolbar, and then select ‘Insert Barcode’

Engraving 1D Barcode sample making

Select the Barcode Format that matches your requirements

Engraving 1D Barcode sample making

Now set the detailed parameters for Barcode, after all parameters have been set, press ‘Finish’ to complete Barcode setup.
Engraving 1D Barcode sample making

Now upload the parameters to the machine to begin processing.

Engraving 1D Barcode with laser engraver machine

Barcode engraving with XY Table
Engraving parameters:

Spirit 60W

  • Before engraving begins, please make sure that all materials used are flat and evenly leveled; this will avert from out-of-focus and minimize resource waste.
  • During the engraving process, certain materials could generate dust or smoke residues, please use water to clean off residues.