Laser Marker

Applicable Models
Rheostat Marking
The StellarMark C-series has been highly appraised for its application performance in electronic components. Previously we had exhibited several examples in our showcases, moreover this month we will introduce marking applications on Rheostat.
Rheostats are generally mounted onto control panels which are utilized for the functions of adjusting levels of power currents or outputs. For example, stereo volumes can be turned up or down by using a rheostat, it is a convenient tool for users to easily fine-tune sound levels. Rheostat is usually small in size, making it even more fitting to be mounted onto control panels.
Using a laser to work on rheostat applications is uncomplicated and actually offers advantageous returns. Operators can mark product logos or serial numbers on rheostats, and further through the aid of application software, users can also effectively monitor production output, ultimately enables product tracking and shortens production time.

LaserPro will now demonstrate to work with rheostats and illustrate further by marking on the exterior casing. Through this sample application, users will be able to better understand performances of Laser.

  • The exterior Rheostat casing is made from plastic, please take extra caution with power levels as too much power may damage the enclosed electronic components.
  • Before marking begins, please ensure the smoothness and levelness of working object(s).