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Lasegra CountryLietuvos Respublika
GCC Machines make you happy!
I got this video from a happy GCC customer who has three GCC LaserPro machines and he said: "we are very happy" ~ oh dear Lasegra, your sweet sweet message really made my day. I am happy to know that our products make you happy!  ...MORE

A&E Magazine Country
GCC Machine in A&E Magazine
Hi Steve~find our distributor and laser machines in A&E feature article~  ...MORE

G-Master CountryUkraine
Drum sticks engraving with GCC LaserPro C180II
Drum sticks engraving with GCC LaserPro C180II ~ Thanks for sharing G-Master

Ten's Laser engrave & cutting CountryIndonesia
Cool and delicate leather engraving

Thanks for sharing~ Ten's Laser engrave & cutting

Cool and delicate leather engraving / cutting with GCC LaserPro laser engraver!


Rich Peterson CountryMassachusetts, US
Spirit LS 40W in Wellesley High School
Happy lasering Rich ^^ Nice picture~
Thanks for sharing Technology Education Concepts


Ellice of Maker Everyday媚可兒日記 CountryTaiwan
i-Craft Fablab Taipei
Thanks for sharing Maker Everyday媚可兒日記~ Our good friend, Ellice, Maker of Fablab Taipei, held a successful workshop for teachers with our i-Craft in National Taiwan Science Education Center~ everyone had a great time and did a great job!!!
See more pics at Ellice's FB...MORE
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