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Rekmanta Country
a fun laser-cut clock

Creative GCC end-uer used our laser engraver to turn his old vinyl record into a fun laser-cut clock ~ love this one a lot Rekmanta, thanks for sharing^^ 


Makers 邱文婷 CountryTaiwan
This is one of our GCC LaserPro end-user~ Wen-Ting you're so creative, talented and executive~we are looking forward to working more closely with you in the future!!!
Repost by 台大高材生賣"雷射雕刻禮" 月營收衝40萬 -東森財經新聞台

PerezCamps - Máquinas de grabado y corte láser, fresadoras cnc. Country
Photo Laser Engraving on Anodised Aluminium

Thanks for sharing~ This photo is from facebook / PerezCamps - Máquinas de grabado y corte láser, fresadoras cnc..

The material is black anodised aluminium. Our dear distributor used our CO2 laser engraver to engrave a cutie doggie on anodised aluminium. Look at that vivid, shiny fur~


Spectrum-Laser Country
Laser Engraved Glass - Great Personalized Wedding Gift

Thanks for sharing~ This photo is from instagram / spectrumlaser.

This engraved glass could be a great personalized wedding gift~‪ ‎GCC Laser engraver‬ Thank you for sharing Spectrum-Laser.


Lasegra CountryLietuvos Respublika
GCC Machines make you happy!
I got this video from a happy GCC customer who has three GCC LaserPro machines and he said: "we are very happy" ~ oh dear Lasegra, your sweet sweet message really made my day. I am happy to know that our products make you happy!  ...MORE

A&E Magazine Country
GCC Machine in A&E Magazine
Hi Steve~find our distributor and laser machines in A&E feature article~  ...MORE

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