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Miss Maker 王品驊-原Maker Everyday媚可兒日記 CountryTaiwan
GCC i-Craft party at Bigbang Lab

GCC i-Craft is able to achieve a very high cutting performance. Come get one and earn superior investment returns~
嬌小可愛也有硬實力可以進行精細切割的一個動作~ 沒錯就是美貌與智慧並重,英雄與俠義的化身(在哪)~~~ i-Craft !!!
Thanks for sharing Miss Maker 王品驊-原Maker Everyday媚可兒日記


GCC Laser Pro Australia Country
Cool stylish bag by GCC X500 engraved

How to transform an ordinary bag into a cool stylish one~~~ just get a GCC LaserPro X500!!! Thanks for sharing GCC Laser Pro Australia


噪咖事務所 CountryTaiwan
【俏敲BAR】DIY 機械樂器工作坊

Last Saturday's(4/30) 【俏敲BAR】DIY 機械樂器工作坊 was a great success~ We are looking forward to seeing more fun cool things from all of you. Thank you 噪咖事務所, attendees and GCC LaserPro C180 II ^^ all of you did a great job!!


Vasaboden - Idrottspriser & Profil Country
a nice (laser-engraved) headphone

TGIF! People~ have a great weekend! Of course, the image is relevant to the text --- a nice (laser-engraved) headphone can get you enjoy your music or a late night movie without disturbing neighbors during the weekend!!! Thanks for sharing Vasaboden - Idrottspriser & Profil


Rekmanta Country
a fun laser-cut clock

Creative GCC end-uer used our laser engraver to turn his old vinyl record into a fun laser-cut clock ~ love this one a lot Rekmanta, thanks for sharing^^ 


Makers 邱文婷 CountryTaiwan
This is one of our GCC LaserPro end-user~ Wen-Ting you're so creative, talented and executive~we are looking forward to working more closely with you in the future!!!
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