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Rich Peterson CountryMassachusetts, US
Spirit LS 40W in Wellesley High School
Happy lasering Rich ^^ Nice picture~
Thanks for sharing Technology Education Concepts


Ellice of Maker Everyday媚可兒日記 CountryTaiwan
i-Craft Fablab Taipei
Thanks for sharing Maker Everyday媚可兒日記~ Our good friend, Ellice, Maker of Fablab Taipei, held a successful workshop for teachers with our i-Craft in National Taiwan Science Education Center~ everyone had a great time and did a great job!!!
See more pics at Ellice's FB...MORE
Oslo FabLab CountryAmerica
President Obama Received an“Grandma Slippers” Engraved by GCC LaserPro Laser Engraver
GCC, a global forefront equipment-manufacturing provider in the visual communication industry, is proud to share that members of the Oslo FabLab used GCC LaserPro laser engraver to make a special gift for President Obama...MORE

We Love DIY CountryTaiwan
Christmas Tree Cut & Fold Card with i-Craft™ Portable Cutting Plotter
Today we're sharing another Christmas card DIY with you. Out of all the cards we made this Christmas, I think it is safe to say that this is my personal favorite. I just love how simple and clean this design is, and it was easy to make, with the help of an i-Craft™Portable Cutting Plotter...MORE

We Love DIY CountryTaiwan
Christmas Tree Cutout Card with i-Craft™ Portable Cutting Plotter
With Christmas quickly approaching, we thought it'd be a good idea to utilize our i-Craft™ Portable Cutting Plotter to make something unique for our friends and family this year! Different from the typical rectangular-shaped cards you see all the time, we have decided to try a triangular one that stands just like a real Christmas tree! So once your friend or family receives the card, it can be used as a Christmas decoration and not just sitting there collecting dust like all the other cards. Sounds good? Read on to learn how we made it!


Maton Guitar Factory CountryMelbourne, Australia.
Successful Story of Maton Guitar Factory
Maton Guitar Factory is located in Melbourne, Australia. A GCC LaserPro Spirit GLS 80W is installed for laser engraving or cutting customized guitars...SEE MORE
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