Digital Cutting & Creasing Machine
AFR-24S Automatic Finisher
GCC AFR-24S provides auto cutting and creasing function in sheet feed cutter to simplify your operation through an automatic working procedure for short-run production.
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Digital Cutting & Creasing Machine
AFR-24S Automatic Finisher
GCC AFR-24S enables the optimized process with versatile capability which is suitable for packaging, cards, labels and stickers, transfer decals and many more.

AFR-24S Automatic Finisher Feature

Creasing Ability

Equipped with the dual tool holders with creasing tool and blade, AFR offers cardstock creasing and cutting to make small volume of paper box.
PS. It’s suggested that the cardstock weight range is 200 to 350 gsm, and the weight will vary with the type and thickness of paper.

Suction Cup

Strong suction Cup can absorb media easily to load into cutter.

The Magnetic Media Separator

The special design of magnetic media separation mechanism prevents double feeding which ensure single sheet feeding each time as well as an uninterrupted workflow.

Media Stacking Up to 50mm (250 sheets)

Up to 50mm media stacking suggests great capacity tray and allows unattended operation.

Multiple Parameter Setting by 16 Different Colors

The new interface allows users to set up multiple parameters by using different color lines. This gives the operator greater flexibility when setting up a job.

Adjustable Media Collection Tray

With the angle of the rotating hinge, the gradient of the media tray can be adjusted to a proper position to collect the finished jobs.
Metallic Blade Holder Φ2.5 mm
Metallic Blade Holder Φ2.5 mm
Adjusting the blade length to fit your needs.
Cutting Blades
Cutting Blades
Users can replace the cutting blade by different materials to meet your need.
Cutting Pad
Cutting Pad
It prevents the blades from becoming blunt quickly.
Work Table Assembly
Work Table Assembly
Work table is specific designed for AFJ/AFR which enable to prevent machine from abnormal situation on uneven desktop. It also offers a convenience for user to operation machine without space limit.
Extension plate supports up to B2 size
Extension plate supports up to B2 size
A new set of extending plate can be attached to auto feeder and media collection tray that can extend working area to support media standard up to B2 size.

AFR-24S Automatic Finisher Spec

Automatic Finisher Series (Cutter with Auto Feeder Unit)
Supported Media SizeA4, SRA4, A3, A3+, SRA3, A2, A2+, B3, B2
8.5 x 11 in. (215.9 × 279.4 mm), 8.5 x 14 in. (215.9 × 355.6 mm), 11 x 17 in. (279.4 × 431.8 mm),
12 x 18 in. (304.8 × 457.2 mm), 13 x 19 in. (330.2 × 482.6 mm), 14 x 20 in. (355.6 x 508 mm)
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (Full Speed), Serial (RS-232C) and Ethernet
Power Source100 to 240 V AC (It is required three power outlet.)
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: 15 to 30°C/60°F~86°F
Humidity: 25 to 75 % RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions (Cutter With Feeder)Approx. 1098(W) x 1140 (D) x 782 (H) mm
WeightApprox. 47.5 kg (Cutter unit: 25.5 kg, Auto feeder unit: 22 kg)
Cutter UnitRX II-61 (Creasing)
Cutting SpeedMax. 1,530 mm/s (at 45° direction)
AccelerationMax. 4.2 G
Cutting ForceMax. 600 g
InterfaceUSB 2.0 (Full Speed), Serial (RS-232C) and Ethernet
Power Source100 to 240 V AC
Power ConsumptionMax. 251.8 watts
Auto Feeder UnitAuto Feeder
Supported MediaWidth: 279 to 500 mm, Length: 210 to 700 mm
Up to 350 g/m2
Capacity of Supply Tray250 Sheets @150 g/m2 or up to 50 mm height
(It varies by the material, thickness and condition of media.)
Interface Serial (RS-232C)
Power SourceInput: 100 to 240VAC, Approx. 60W(MAX.200W)at output.
  • *Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.100 to 240VAC, Approx. 60W(MAX.200W)at output.100 to 240VAC, Approx. 60W(MAX.200W)at output.
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and above & MAC OS X 10.6 and above. (*Purchasing serial number for “Sure Cuts A Lot” software to work with Mac OS.)
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