C180II Desktop Laser Engraver
Laser Engraving Machine
C180II 12-40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver

The C180II desktop laser engraver is designed to provide an enjoyable laser engraving experience. Underneath the stylish exterior is a full 18" x 12" (458 x 305 mm) working area.

C180II Desktop Laser Engraver
C180II Desktop Laser Engraver-2
C180II Desktop Laser Engraver-3
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Laser Engraving Machine
C180II 12-40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver

The C180II laser engraver is an all purpose desktop laser engraver that delivers spectacular engraving and cutting results and makes every job a pleasant working experience.

C180II 12-40W CO2 Desktop Laser Engraver Feature


Closed-loop DC Servo Motor and Reliable Motion System

The C180II laser engraver utilizes high performance Closed-loop DC servo motors for precise and fast carriage movement combined with a reliable motion system to produce exceptionally accurate outputs.


TrueImage (Patented)

The patented TrueImage function employs a uniquely designed laser firing algorithm that presents its most vivid form when laser engraving images.


Open Front Door Design

The C180II desktop laser engraver top cover coupled with the front door open design allows easy loading of working pieces.



An exceptionally innovative and user-friendly feature based on servomotor technology simplifies operations and shortens setup time. Simply hand drag the lens carriage of the laser engraver to the desired position to be engraved and press the start button to commence the job.


RoHS Compliance

All GCC laser engravers are RoHS-compliant (the European Parliament Directive 2002/ 95/ EC, Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and lead-free (pb free). GCC will continue to concern and provide eco-friendly products to protect the earth for our further generations.


Simple and Intuitive Control Panel

A user-friendly menu-driven interface system simplifies the operation of C180II desktop laser engraver. Hot keys design and job status display facilitates your work and makes it clear and easy to carry out.


SmartPIN™ AutoFocus (Patented)

The plug-and-play probe design makes focusing a one-touch process and provides the accuracy and precision required for optimum quality even when laser engraving on transparent materials.


Dust Protection Design (Patented)

Dust protection covers around working table to provide marvelous exhaust vacuum together with Smart Vacuum design, and prevention dust accumulated on laser engraving system.


Programmable Origin Modes

Easy to use position modes allow the operator an effortless way to setup a job for laser engraving. Repetitive workflows can be drastically simplified by relocating the origin position to any desired location.


Internal LED Lighting

Internal LED lighting illuminates the working space giving a clear view of the work in progress.


Emergency Stop

Big red button located on the top of the laser engraver allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to provide highly safety operation.


Built-in SmartBOX™

The C180II laser engraver built-in SmartBOX™ produces a downward pulling force to keep light items in place creating a stable working environment.


SmartCENTER™ (Patented)

The super user-friendly SmartCENTER™ function helps end users to easily and automatically locate the center point of objects of any shape vastly eliminating tedious setup time.


Smart Vacuum

Smart vacuum adjustment is a fantastic design which allows users to choose top or bottom ventilation according to their laser engraving demands.


Bridge Cutting

Bridge Cutting function diversifies the laser cutting into packaging prototyping and fulfills versatile requirements. Define the cutting gap to create the dashed line effect from user friendly print driver interface. Bridge Cutting online Video
Rotary Attachment - C180II
Rotary Attachment - C180II
The rotary attachment provides the LaserPro C180II with the ability to engrave on cylindrical or spherical objects. In addition to the standard X, Y, Z axis, the rotary attachment allows for a fourth axis which rotate the object 360° to allow for engraving on cups, wine glasses, and even spherical objects.
The maximum diameter and length of the to-be-engraved object is 120 mm and 250 mm respectively. Its maximum weight should not exceed 3kg.
The GCC SmartTOOL™ is a Windows CorelDraw extension that drastically reduces process times. It simplifies tasks, saves time, and is intuitive to use without training. You will be amazed by its features.
Air Compressor
Air Compressor
A specially designed Air Compressor, by using an oil-less diaphragm, helps you eliminate the harmful and damaging side effects of moisture on the laser optics. In addition, it provides the optimal air pressure when laser engraving and cutting to blow away vaporized particles and prevent overheating, keeping lenses and mirrors clean for longer laser life.
SmartGUARD™ Fire Alarm (Patented)
SmartGUARD™ Fire Alarm (Patented)
Laser engraving and cutting operation using the SmartGUARD Fire Alarm assures optimum safety. When there is a malfunction, the alarm system will be active and shut-down the operation system immediately.
Honeycomb Table
Honeycomb Table
A clean and better cutting quality is achieved by the honeycomb table when cutting materials into small pieces. It lifts the workpiece off the work table from hitting by laser reflection. The dust and vapor created during processing are then taken away effectively through the honeycomb cell by a down vacuum funnel exhaust. Rather than handling rigid materials, the honeycomb table also helps to fix flexible materials with the aid of down vacuum to keep constant focus distance and consistent cutting results.
SmartPRINT™ software features powerful functions, an intuitive interface, and built-in GCC LaserPro laser parameter setting for both Mac and Windows users. SmartPRINT™ provides clipart libraries, compatibility for various file formats, and advanced graphic functions such as Auto Trace Image Contour, Convert to Rhinestone, Generate Puzzle, and many more. Also, the additional text justification and sizing options can convert stroke to the path.
Entry-Level Fume Extraction System
Entry-Level Fume Extraction System
GCC PA-1500FS & PA-1000FS, CE-certified fume extraction systems, are designed to remove hazardous fumes and dust during laser processing to protect the health of operators, eliminate environmental pollution and enhance laser engraving and cutting.
* For seamless fume extractor control via laser machines, we recommend considering the purchase of an external I/O board.
Purex Fume Extraction System-C180II
Purex Fume Extraction System-C180II
GCC teams up with a UK company to offer the Purex fume extraction unit for its full-line GCC LaserPro laser engraving and cutting systems. Purex is specifically designed to prevent personnel from inhaling hazardous fumes and dust generated during the process. Noise-free operation, high vacuum capacity, compact design, and long life expectancy, the Purex is CE-compliant that represents the latest invention in exhaust extraction and smoke reduction technology for all types of applications.
There is no troublesome installation process but extraordinarily optimized ventilation structure and aerodynamic designs. SmatTRAY™ even provides air ventilation all over the working area, directing the dust to the downward ventilation for immediate removal. SmartTRAY™ is the best pal when working with MDF, rubber, wood, paper, and other materials .

C180II Desktop Laser Engraver Spec

C180II Desktop Laser Engraver
Work Area18 x 12 in. (458 x 305 mm)
Max. Part Size (L x W x H) 19.8 x 12.2 x 6 in. (503 x 310 x 152.4 mm)
Table Size20.4 x 14.7 in. (520 x 375 mm)
30.7 x 29.1 x 16.1 in. (780 x 740 x 410 mm)
Laser Source12 to 40 Watt Sealed CO2 Laser
CoolingAir-cooled, Operating environment temperature 15°- 30°C (60°- 86°F)
DriveClosed-loop DC Servo Control
Maximum Motor Speed40 IPS
Speed ControlAdjustable from 0.1-100% (Up to 16 color-linked speed settings per job)
Power ControlAdjustable from 0-100% (Up to 16 color-linked power settings per job)
Engraving Capability256-level gray scale image processing capability
Distance Accuracy0.254 mm or 0.1% of move, whichever is greater
Z-Axis MovementAutomatic
Focus LensStandard 2.0", optional 1.5" available
Resolution (DPI)Available 125, 250, 300, 380, 500, 600, 760, 1000
Interface10 Base-T Ethernet
USB Type-A 2.0  – For USB storage (Max. 32GB capacity, FAT file system) 
USB Type-B 2.0  – For connecting with the computer 
Compatible Operating SystemsMS Windows
Display Panel4-line LCD display showing current file name, total working time, laser power, engraving
speed, file(s) loaded into memory buffer, setup and diagnostic menus
SafetyClass 1 Laser Product Compliant with EN60825, Class 2 Laser Product Compliant with CDRH
2006/42/EC Machinery Directive Compliance
Facility Requirements
Operation Voltage 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz Auto Switching, Max. 15A
Fume Extraction SystemExternal exhaust system with minimum flow rate 215m3/h (CFM 125 ft3/min) is required,
10kPA negative pressure (Purex GCC 400 @ 2"& 4" exhaust port)

*Speed is not equal throughput. See dealer or visit http://www.gccworld.com for more details.
Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
*The flow rate is determined by a default fume extraction system; the flow rate may vary due to a di fferent fume extraction system.

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