Laser Marking Machine
🆕 LFC II Laser Marker Workstation
LFC II Laser Marking Workstation integrates various processing modes and exclusive accessories to meet customers’ need. 700 x 400 mm working table is able to place large objects and setup fixtures effortlessly.
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Laser Marking Machine
🆕 LFC II Laser Marker Workstation
LFC II Laser Marking Workstation is considered a class 1 (EN60825-1) device to ensure user safe and sound is the best industrial solution.

LFC II Laser Marker Workstation Feature

Standard Table

Standard table with matrix M6 circular slots for fixture mounting, setup is very easy.

Dual Start Button

Advanced secure protection by simultaneously pushing the Dual Start buttons to fire laser.

Emergency Stop

Big red button located on the right of machine allows operators to stop the laser and AC power immediately to provide highly safety operation.

Automatic Safety Door

Automatically controlled front door with the anti-pinch to secure safety operation.

Pass-Through Door

Removeable side doors allow integrating with conveyor and Mark On Fly (optional) for continuous production with 420 x 290 x 420 x 290 x ∞ mm (WxDxL) * When the right door and left door are open, machine becomes a Class 4 equipment and users must wear goggles to operate the machine.

Key Switch

Key Switch manages different authority levels between Service Mode and Operator Mode to restrict unauthorized access to the production setups. *Service Mode will allow laser firing when door is open to allow parameter test and setup.

External Signal Indicators

The three-color indicator shows the current status of the machine, easily visibility and ideal for the factory working environment.
Screen Frame Module
Screen Frame Module
Screen Frame Module can place laptop, monitor, keyboard and mouse conveniently.
Purex Fume Extraction System
Purex Fume Extraction System
GCC teams up with a UK company to offer the Purex fume extraction unit for its full-line GCC LaserPro laser engraving and cutting systems. Purex is specifically designed to prevent personnel from inhaling hazardous fumes and dust generated during the process. Noise-free operation, high vacuum capacity, compact design, and long life expectancy, the Purex is CE-compliant that represents the latest invention in exhaust extraction and smoke reduction technology for all types of applications.
MultiFOCUS function allows user to set multiple focus distances setting at once according to the object height. Z-axis will automatically adjust correctly so users do not need to set focal distance multiple times.
Rotary Table
Rotary Table
Rotary table can maximum production throughput by loading and unloading working materials while laser firing at the same time.
Rotary Attachment - Marker
Rotary Attachment - Marker
The rotary attachment unit allows for precise 360° marking on round, cylindrical, or torus-shaped objects. The unit flexibly accommodates objects with external diameters up to 81 mm, internal diameters up to 70 mm, and weight up to 5kg. External marking on torus-shaped objects, such as a ring, is simple and precise with the included ring stick.

LFC II Laser Marker Workstation Spec

Model No.LFC II
Available Laser MarkerCIIA / CIIS / CIIP / IFII / IFIIS Series
Scan LensCO270 x 70 mm, 140 x 140 mm, 200 x 200 mm, 300 x 300 mm
Fiber70 x 70 mm, 110 x 110 mm, 180 x 180 mm
Working Table Size700 x 400 mm
Front DoorAutomatic door
Max. Loading50 kg
Z-axis Travel385 mm
Safety ClassClass 1 (EN60825-1)
SoftwareG-Mark Basic / G-Mark Library
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows XP / Vista(32/64 bit) / 7(32/64 bit) / 8(32/64 bit) (Desktop or Laptop PCs)
InterfaceUSB x 1, VGA x 1
Power SupplyAC Auto Switching 115 / 230V, 50-60Hz / Single Phase
Power Consumption1650W
Operating Temprature15°C ~35°C
Operating Humidity10 ~ 80% Non condensing
Dimension1585(L) x 852(W) x 1745(H) mm
1854(L) x 1192(W) x 2050(H) mm (with package)
N.W.235 kg
G.W.580 kg
Optional ItemRotary Table (Ø 650mm, 2 station)
Screen Frame Module
Air Extraction System
Max. Work Piece Size
Standard Table
C-SeriesMax.Work Piece Size
LensScan AreaLengthWidthHeight
1010 x 10mm720mm320mm525mm
5050 x 50mm490mm
7070 x 70mm460mm
140140 x 140mm355mm
200200 x 200mm265mm
300300 x 300mm125mm
IF-SeriesMax. Work Piece Size
LensScan AreaLengthWidthHeight
7070 x 70mm720mm320mm420mm
Rotary Table
C-SeriesMax. Work Piece Size
StationScan AreaLengthWidthHeight
2 Station10 x 10mm650mm320mm155mm
50 x 50mm
70 x 70mm
140 x 140mm
200 x 200mm
300 x 300mm
IF-SeriesMax. Work Piece Size
StationScan AreaLengthWidthHeight
2 Station70 x 70mm650mm320mm155mm
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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