Are you an artist, designer or maker who is eager to showcase your work to the public? Do you see something interesting or inspiring in your designs that you think others might find interesting too? Would you like to share your creative ideas across the world? Great!

Gain free exposure for you and your brand

We can’t wait to see you sharing your idea and showing your design on the GCCWORLD website and social media platforms. This is a worldwide platform and whether you are an emerging designer or a professional maker, this is your chance to shine and have your work recognized by professionals around the world.

The process is simple

If you have created your design work using a GCC machine, please fill out the form below and indicate your source or origin on the social media platform. Alternatively, you can also upload photos of your completed works. If your submission is selected, we will give you or your brand a significant shout-out by featuring your brand name in a caption or tagging your social media account handle.