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Laser Sample Showcase - Tumbler Material
Explore the art of tumbler customization with GCC LaserPro S400 engraver. Discover how to achieve high-quality laser engraving on various materials, adding value to products for unique preferences.

Tumbler customization has become a must in our daily life and activities, such as working, exercising, and camping. It has evolved into not only all kinds of specifications but also a wide variety of new sizes and shapes in terms of appearance design, as to satisfy the preferences of different client groups.

This month, GCC LaserPro Lab will show you how to laser engrave a tumbler with GCC LaserPro S400 laser engraver. All you have to do is to define some parameters, and you are good to go with laser engraving. The laser engraving quality of S400 laser engraver allows for customized processing on a wide range of materials, which creates high-added value for the product and meets the market demand for "large variety in small quantities".

Before laser engraving tumblers, there are two key points to keep in mind.

1. Since we are working on the surface of the tumbler, different types of baking paint may result in varying effects, such as matte or glossy. With laser engraving, it's essential to consider the paint's characteristics to achieve the desired engraving outcome.

2. Clean the Surface: Before laser engraving, give the Tumbler's surface a good cleaning. Get rid of any dust, dirt, or grease to get a smooth, clear engraving without any interruptions.

Step 1. Measure the diameter and length of the tumbler.

Step 2. Place the tumbler material on the fixture.

Step 3. Check that the tumbler is perfectly leveled with a Spirit level.

Step 4. Press the “Auto Focus” button for the best focal distance.

Step 4. Define the laser machining parameters and enter the diameter and length of the tumbler.

Step 5. Press “Start” to start engraving.

Step 6. The sample is complete.

Suggested parameters:


60 %85 %500400 Y

*The parameters are for suggestions only and should be moderately adjusted accordingly.

Material: thermos bottle 

80 %60 %500400 Y

*The parameters are for suggestions only and should be moderately adjusted accordingly.