iPhone Case Engraving
GCC Application Lab is showing you iPhone case engraving. Engraved beautiful patterns by our laser engraver, your iPhone adds a personal touch and style.
Big Model
Acrylic is one of the materials commonly used in laser cutting; the edges of laser-cut acrylic become transparent and bright. So the laser-cut acrylic is often used to make displays and store signs, creating high quality products.
Night Light Engraving
The engraving function helps you engrave all kinds of patterns on acrylic; the cutting function can make the edges of acrylic more transparent, achieving better LED lighting performance.
Bridge Cutting Function
This week's GCC LaserPro Application Lab demonstrates the effect of Bridge Cutting with a uncomplicated sample.
Outlet Cover Engraving by Laser Engraver
How to use GCC laser engravers to engrave unique patterns on a plain outlet plate and how it works to turn an ordinary outlet plate into a delicate finishing touch to your home decoration.
Door Handle Engraving
How to use our laser engraver to engrave special patterns on a commonly seen door handle and how it works to turn an ordinary handle into a personalized decoration.
Placemats Engraving
With laser’s prerogative, unique patterns can be easily engraved onto unique fabrics, making one of a kind placemats for customers.
Leather Cutting
Leather is an indispensable material to the clothing industry. Due to the progress in technology, more and more leather manufactures use laser engraving equipment for engraving and cutting during the production process......
Thin Film Cutting Using CO2 Laser
These films are mostly made of plastics such as PET and PMMA and are widely used in cell phones, displays, cameras, digital cameras, and other electronics.
Ring Engraving Using Rotary Attachment
Equipped with YVO4 and Fiber laser, the GCC LaserPro S290 10W and 20W present remarkable output performance on plastic or metallic materials.
Braille engraving with 3D Mode
This solution addresses the problem of sharp-edged dots, ensuring the safety and usability of Braille for the blind.
Personalize Your Phone
The manufacturers of mobile phone constantly launch new products with not just advanced functions and specifications, but also with various external designs and to satisfy the preference of different customers.