Cutting Foam inserts
LaserPro Engraver series to produce cutting foam inserts
THERMARK Applications
Using the CO2 laser to engrave on metals is practicable, as in our previous Showcase we had already exhibited applications using the CO2 laser to engrave on metals.
Make a Lampshade with Dithering Matrix Function
LaserPro Application Laboratory introduces the use of the built-in Dithering Matrix function in the driver to create a hollowed-out lampshade.
Cardboard Model with laser Engraving & Cutting
The Application Laboratory obtained 1.2mm thick cardboard for the experiment. By utilizing laser cutting and engraving, they created three-dimensional models.
Photo Album Engrave
GCC LaserPro Application Lab has brought in blank photo albums and used a laser engraver to engrave exclusive images on the covers of these blank leather materials.
Mother’s Day Gift
With the help of laser engraving, you can make this Mother's Day truly special!
3D Engraving on Marble
It utilizes different grayscale layers to generate varying laser energy, creating fascinating depth and shading effects. Anyone who has seen a 3D sample would undoubtedly be impressed by its stunning results.
Laser-Cut Wooden Miniatures
Cutting MDF panels generates smooth uniform cut edges due to the material’s structure.
Creating 3D Puzzles Using GCC Products
The UV printer will first print a color pattern and then cut it utilizing both the Bridge Cutting and SmartCENTER functions of the laser engraving machine, which ensures that the cut object remains intact and is easier to organize.