Crystal Clear Effect On Acrylic by Using Defocus Function
This month’s LaserPro Application Lab will look at acrylic engraving using the defocusing technique. The aim is to produce a transparent effect and better paint coating results. Now let us delve into the benefits of using Defocus by pen.
Braille engraving with 3D Mode
This solution addresses the problem of sharp-edged dots, ensuring the safety and usability of Braille for the blind.
Personalize Your Phone
The manufacturers of mobile phone constantly launch new products with not just advanced functions and specifications, but also with various external designs and to satisfy the preference of different customers.
Wood Engraving with SmartCENTER Function
Just press the positioning bottom, then the SmartCenter will automatically find the center of the object just in a blink, and start the engraving right away.
Using Advanced Shoulder Level to Create your Own Stamp
Stamp engraving is a very common application of laser. Laser is utilized to engrave soft rubber to produce fine words and figures. After cleaning the engraved rubber, adhere it to a handle and then a unique product is produced.
Make Your Personalized Rhinestone Design
Rhinestone is one of the materials resembling diamonds, which is extensively used in fashion industry. It is used to compose different patterns and adhere to clothes, caps, and handbags to increase the value of commercial products.
Carousel Model Application
Using laser to make models is quite a general application. Simply laser-cut pieces of thin materials and then assemble them as a 3D model which is good to be either a demo sample or a gift.
Cutting Door Hanger
Today, in such a creative era, many people love to produce different styles of door hangers for customers' selection.
Mark Your Logo on Tennis
We have prepared one tennis ball for demonstration. Thanks to Laser's high precision in controlling ability and the rotary attachment device, we can have the tennis ball engraved with delicate characters and logo for a unique image.
Specialty Carpet Design
The carpet is one of the most frequently used elements in interior decoration such as residences, shopping malls and office, offering artistry and warmth. Various carpet styles create different atmospheres in different occasions.
Interior Art Design
LaserPro’s unique Pass-Through Front/Rear Doors design allows users to engrave oversized or long size objects, increasing the flexibility and convenience of your job.
Wood Inlay
Wood is widely applied in industries like decoration, furniture and giftware; it can also be found very frequently in laser-processing applications, whether laser engraving or cutting, presenting excellent results.