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Those assuming that laser engraving or marking is not possible for large format metals, are mistaken. In fact, Dutch industrial engraving company Gravure'85 has proven the contrary. Ernst

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Share Your own GCC experience, comments or your best project with us to receive a free 8G flash USB. Click Read Info for more details.

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Love Earth In Action - All GCC products are RoHs and PB free to protect our earth and future generation.

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Register Your GCC Product to Receive an Additional 3-Month Limited Warranty Extension.

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The Outside Sales Representative is responsible for selling Laser Products through the achievement of opportunity-based sales quotas. Please send resume to   - GCC America

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  • Meet the demands of today's professionals.
  • Compact desktop machine with smart vacuum adjustment is suitable for limited space.
  • High wattage laser source and large format, user can cut thicker and bigger materials.
  • Ultrafast galvanometer fiber laser can raise productivity with marvelous marking quality.
  • The Most Economical UV Printer/Cutter in the World!
  • Environmentally friendly and high performance UV Inkjet Printer.