Vinyl Cutter

GCC offers a full range of vinyl cutters as follows to satisfy your various cutting needs

Products Name / Basic Features Max. Cutting Width Max. Cutting Force Max. Cutting Speed AAS
RX II / RX II (Creasing) RX II / RX II (Creasing) NEW The top notch cutter in the market for sign makers. 536mm(21”)/610mm(24")/
600g 1530mm/s (60 ips) Yes
Jaguar V / Jaguar V (PPF) Jaguar V / Jaguar V (PPF) NEW Meet the demands of today's professionals. 610mm(24")/1016mm(40")/
600g 1530mm/s (60 ips) Yes (LX)
Puma IV Puma IV NEW Superior quality and solid reliability maximize your creativity. 590mm(23.6")/1300mm(51.18") 500g 40 ips (1,020mm/sec) Yes
Expert II Expert II Economical choice to meets the demands of the sign market. 600mm(23.6")/1320mm(52") 350 g 705 mm/s (27.8 ips)
635 mm/s (25 ips)
Yes (LX)
Expert Pro Expert Pro Eye-catching graphics producer. 600mm(23.6")/1300mm(51.18") 400g 849mm/s(33ips) N/A
AR-24 AR-24 The best 24” vinyl cutter for startups and micro-enterprises. 600mm (23.6") 250g 552 mm /s (21.7 ips) N/A