Trade Show

  • Sep.29 - Oct.01 VISCOM Paris Booth No. Pavillon 5 - Booth D096, C057
    Paris, France Product: RX, Jaguar, Spirit
  • Oct.01 - Oct.04 Hobby-X Midrand Booth No. Stand B66 & C26
    Midrand, South Africa Product: Laser
    Oct.06 - Oct.08 Cprint Booth No. B140, E69, B98
    Madrid, Spain Product: Cutter
    Oct.14 - Oct.16 Laser Taiwan
    Taipei, Taiwan Product: Laser
    Oct.15 - Oct.17 ISS Fort Worth
    Fort Worth, TX, USA Product: Cutter
    Oct.21 - Oct.24 VIIF2015
    HN, Vietnam Product: Printer/Cutter, Laser, Cutter
    Oct.21 - Oct.23 FESPA CHINA Booth No. N1456
    Shanghai, China Product: Printer/Cutter, Laser, Cutter
    Oct.23 - Oct.25 Print Santiago
    Chile Product: Cutter/Laser
  • Nov.03 - Nov.06 SEMA show
    Las Vegas, AZ, USA Product: Cutter
    Nov.04 - Nov.06 SGIA Booth No. 4155
    Atlanta, GA, USA Product: Printer/Cutter, Laser, Cutter
    Nov.04 - Nov.06 VISCOM Düsseldorf Booth No. Hall 8b,K11,Hall 8b,H61,Hall 8b,L51,
    Düsseldorf, Germany Product: C180II, SLS, GLS
    Nov.11 - Nov.14 Mokkiten Japan with Wood EcoTec 2015
    Nagoya, Japan Product: Laser
    Nov.19 - Nov.21 Funéraire Paris
    Villepinte, France Product: Jaguar, Spirit, C180
    Nov.26 - Nov.29  STONE Booth No.  41A
     Poznań, Poland Product:  Expert PRO
  • Dec.02 - Dec.05 Manufacturing Indonesia
    Jakarta, Indonesia Product: Laser
    Dec.03 - Dec.07 ENGIMACH
    Gandhinagar, India Product: Laser
    Dec.09 - Dec.12 PAMEX
    Mumbai, India Product: Laser, Cutter
  • Jan.07 - Jan.12 CHA MEGA Show
    Anaheim, CA, USA Product: Cutter
    Jan.19 - Jan.21 Promotionmässan
    Kista, Sweden Product: lasers
    Jan.22 - Jan.24 ISS Long Beach
    Long Beach, CA, USA Product: Cutter
    Jan.26 - Jan.28 CPrint
    Lyon, France Product: lasers
    Jan.26 - Jan.28 ColombiaTex De las Americas
    Antioquia, Colombia Product: Laser/Cutter
  • Feb.19 - Feb.20 NNEP Columbus
    Columbus, OH, USA Product: cutter
  • Mar.02 - Mar.04 ARA Booth No. 2104
    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Product: Printer/Cutter, Laser, Cutter
    Mar.04 - Mar.05 DAX Kansas
    Kansas City, KC, USA Product: cutter
    Mar.04 - Mar.06 Frachise Expo 2016
    Cebu, Philippines Product: Laser, Cutter
    Mar.04 - Mar.06 Grafinca Sur 2016
    Arequipa, Peru Product: Cutter, laser
    Mar.08 - Mar.11 FESPA DIGITAL Booth No. Hall 1, stand G140
    Amsterdam, Netherlands Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Mar.08 - Mar.11 SUSTAINABLE MAINTENANCE 2016
    Gothenburg, Sweden Product: laser
    Mar.08 - Mar.11 JAPAN SHOP Booth No.  JS4343
    Tokyo, Japan Product: lasers
    Mar.09 - Mar.12 APPPEXPO Booth No. 3H A1105
    Shanghai, China Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Mar.10 - Mar.12 NBM Arlington
    Arlington, TX, USA Product: cutter, laser
    Mar.16 - Mar.20 Worldbex
    Cebu, Philippines Product: Laser
    Mar.17 - Mar.19 ISS Atlantic
    Atlantic City, NJ, USA Product: Cutter
  • Apr.01 - Apr.02 DAX Minnesota
    Treasure Island, MN Product: cutter
    Apr.04 - Apr.08 Industrie Paris
    Paris, France Product: laser
    Apr.06 - Apr.08 Photonix show
    Tokyo, Japan Product: Laser
    Apr.12 - Apr.16 Design Reklama
    Moscow, Russia Product: Printer/Cutter, Laser, Cutter
    Apr.13 - Apr.14 Plastteknik
    Malmö, Sweden Product: Laser
    Apr.19 - Apr.22 Tibo 2016
    Minsk, Belarus Product: lasers
    Apr.21 - Apr.23 ISA Booth No. 1245
    Orlando, FL, USA Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Apr.22 - Apr.23 DAX Chicagoland
    Tinley Park, IL, USA Product: cutter
    Apr.22 - Apr.25 Giftionery Taipei Booth No. A1028
    Taipei, Taiwan Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Apr.22 - Apr.23 Lets Create Expo
    Sandy, UT, USA Product: i-Craft
    Apr.27 - Apr.30 HK International Printing and Packing Fair 2016
    Hong Kong, China Product: Laser, Cutter
  • May.10 - May.13 Elmia Automation
    Jonkoping, Sweden Product: laser
    Prague, Czech Republic Product: Laser, Cutter
    May.13 - May.15 MIGP
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Product: Laser, Cutter
    May.19 - May.21 ISS Nashviille
    Nashville, TN, USA Product: Cutter
    May.24 - May.27 23rd International Engineering Fair 2016
    Nitra, Slovakia Product: Laser
    May.31 - Jun.03 Project Lebanon
    Lebanon Product: Printer/Cutter, Laser, Cutter
  • Jun.02 - Jun.04 Graphic Expo
    SMX Convention Center Product: Laser, Cutter
    Jun.02 - Jun.04 NBM Indianapolis
    Indianapolis, IN, USA Product: cutter
    Jun.15 - Jun.17 Sign Expo2016
    Osaka, Japan Product: lasers
    Jun.30 - Jul.02 PRINT & LABEL CEBU 2016
    Cebu, Philippines Product: Cutter
  • Jul.01 - Jul.03 Sign Today Banglore Booth No. A32
    Banglore, India Product: Laser, Cutter
    Jul.06 - Jul.08 GIFTEX World
    Tokyo, Japan Product: lasers
    Jul.14 - Jul.16 NBM Long Beach Booth No. 551
    Long Beach, CA, USA Product: Laser, Cutter
    Jul.15 - Jul.17 Sign Today Goa Booth No. P 51
    Goa, India Product: Laser, Cutter
    Jul.28 - Jul.31 Malaysia international sign and LED
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Product: Laser
    Jul.29 - Jul.31 Gift Expo Booth No. P 71
    Delhi, India Product: Laser
  • Aug.04 - Aug.07 PRINT TECHNOLOGY 2016
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Product: Printer
    Aug.05 - Aug.06 NNEP Nashville
    Nashville, TN, USA Product: cutter
    Aug.08 - Aug.14 FAB12
    Shenzhen, China Product: Laser
    Aug.11 - Aug.13 TOPS MANILA
    Manila, Philippines Product: Cutter
    Aug.17 - Aug.18 Promotion Expo
    Gotenburg, Sweden Product: Laser
    Aug.18 - Aug.20 NBM Baltimore
    Baltimore, MD, USA Product: cutter
    Aug.18 - Aug.20 FESPA Mexico
    Mexico City, Mexico Product: Cutter/laser
    Aug.19 - Aug.22 Giftex Booth No. 26
    Mumbai, India Product: Laser
  • Sep.01 - Sep.03 Sign & Display Show 2016
    Tokyo, Japan Product: Laser
    Sep.06 - Sep.08 Viscom Paris
    Paris, France Product: laser
    Sep.06 - Sep.09 Wood Products & Technology
    Gothenburg, Sweden Product: laser
    Sep.07 - Sep.10 Indoprint 2016 Booth No. T01
    Jakarta, Indonesia Product: Laser, UV Flatbed Printer
    Sep.08 - Sep.10 ISS Orlando
    Orlando, FL, USA Product: Cutter
    Sep.09 - Sep.11 Pack Print Plas Philippines Davao
    Davao, Philippines Product: Cutter
    Sep.14 - Sep.16 SGIA Booth No. 3315
    Las Vegas, NV, USA Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Sep.17 - Sep.20 Grafinca Norte 2016
    Lima, Peru Product: Cutter/laser
    Sep.20 - Sep.26 Photokina
    Cologne, Germany Product: Printer/Cutter, Cutter
    Sep.22 - Sep.25 TIGAX Booth No. C824 / 923
    Taipei, Taiwan Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Sep.29 - Oct.01 Media Expo Booth No. H 11
    Delhi, India Product: Laser, Cutter
  • Oct.04 - Oct.06 Cprint
    Madrid, Spain Product: cutters
    Oct.04 - Oct.06 Scanautomatic
    Gothenburg, Sweden Product: laser
    Oct.06 - Oct.08 Pack Print Plas Philippines Manila
    Manila, Philippines Product: Cutter
    Oct.17 - Oct.20 ​Vietnam International Industrial Fair
    Hanoi, Vietnam Product: Laser
    Oct.19 - Oct.21 Laser Expo Taiwan
    Taipei, Taiwan Product: Laser
    Oct.20 - Oct.23 21th Macau International T&I Fair
    Macau, China Product: Laser
    Oct.27 - Oct.29 NBM Charlotte
    Charlotte, NC, USA Product: Laser, Cutter
  • Nov.02 - Nov.04 Viscom Germany
    Frankfurt, Germany Product: lasers, cutter
    Nov.10 - Nov.13 Subcontractor
    Jonkoping, Sweden Product: laser
    Nov.10 - Nov.13 Elmia Subcontractor
    Jönköping, Sweden Product: Laser
    Nov.11 - Nov.12 NBM Denver
    Denver, CO, USA Product: cutter
    Nov.14 - Nov.15 NBM Portland
    Portland, OR, USA Product: cutter
    Nov.17 - Nov.20 kosignshow
    Seoul, South Korea Product: Laser, Cutter
    Nov.17 - Nov.20 kosignshow
    Seoul, South Korea Product: Laser, Cutter
  • Dec.08 - Dec.10 Learning & Teaching Expo 2016
    Hong Kong, China Product: Laser
  • Feb.08 - Feb.10 ARA 2017 Booth No. To Be Advised
    All-Suite Hotel, Las Vegas, NV Product: Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Flatbed Printer
  • Mar.08 - Mar.11 APPPEXPO
    National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai, China Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
  • Apr.20 - Apr.22 ISA Booth No. 4574
    Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer
    Apr.26 - Apr.29 Giftionery Taipei
    Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1, TW Product: Laser, Cutter, UV Printer