Buyer's Guide

Can Stellar Mark I-Series perform serialization?
Stellar Mark I-Series is excellent for marking barcodes, day/date codes, part number serialization, data matrix coding, and many other traceability markings.
How fast can Stellar Mark I-Series mark?
Marking and engraving with YVO4 lasers is very fast and efficient. Depending on the material and the mark, Stellar Mark I-Series can mark up to 300 characters per second, and the marks are still distinct and precise!
What is the largest working area that Stellar Mark I-Series can mark or engrave?
The largest marking field is 180 x 180 mm with the interchangeable lens feature.
What kind of surfaces can Stellar Mark I-Series engrave?
Stellar Mark I-Series can easily mark irregular surfaces, round parts and inside cavities.
What types of materials can Stellar Mark I-Series mark?
Stellar Mark I-Series can mark or engrave a wide variety of materials. It creates beautiful marking/engraving results on paper, cardboard, plastics, glass, ceramics, marble or non-ferrous metals, and nearly all tool steels.
Why choose G-Mark Advance software instead of others?
Software is the key to great work and must be intuitive and flexible.

Marking software is no longer only useful in handling text, performing barcode marking or controlling the automation. It is important that the software also remain flexible for the needs of all your clients.
  • With numerous editing tools like Contour, Combine, Break, Vector Merge, and more, G-Mark Advance unleashes your creativity, making anything possible.
  • With image tools like GrayScale, Contrast, Solarize, and more, G-Mark Advance allows you to process a better, more varied image than other software.
  • Through a special process offered by G-Mark Advance, 3D printing can be printed any time you want.
So, why not use versatile marking software, which not only handles jobs that other software can not, but also offers more power for creative and customized applications?
Is Stellar Mark suitable for engraving jobs?
A beam expander is installed as a standard component of Stellar Mark, which will improve the beam’s collimation and reduce spot sizes; therefore, Stellar Mark is capable of achieving the engraving quality that X-Y engravers have achieved.
Is Stellar Mark suitable for cutting jobs?
Due to its unique characteristics of the galvo marking system, a trapezoid slope develops on the cutting edge of working pieces. If a high quality cutting edge is not strictly required, Stellar Mark can be used for cutting applications.
How do I install the Virtual LCD (VLCD) and use it with the Puma and/or Lynx series?
You can download the latest version of VLCD through the GCC Club (you have to register first.) or install it from the GCC Vinyl Cutters User's CD.

There are two types of Virtual LCD.
1. VLCD only (located on our website).

1.1 Install the VLCD only from the website
Step 1
Register to become a member of the GCC Club.
Step 2. Sign into the GCC Club and download the VLCD driver from the Download Area.
Step 3.
Start the download. When the InstallShield Wizard appears, click Next. The Wizard will guide you through each step of the installation process...Download Manual

2. VLCD integrated with driver (located in the User's CD)
2.1 Precaution
This utility acts as a virtual display to assist you in checking the configuration of your cutting plotter.
To run this utility, simply run it using Windows. Before you run the detection, make sure:

1. The cutting plotter is in ON LINE status.
2. There is media in the machine...Download Manual
How do I install a Jaguar or Puma series driver?
The following procedure can be applied to all Jaguar and Puma series drivers. Please insert the GCC CD-ROM disk into the CD-ROM drive of your computer.
Step 1.
Click the "Start" menu on the Windows Task Bar and click on the "Printers and Faxes" selection to start the process.
Step 2. Select "Add a printer" to go to the next step.
Step 3.
Once you see the "Add Printer Wizard" click "Next" to proceed. You will be guided through each step of the installation process.
Step 4.
Select the "Local printer attached to this computer" option. Then, click "Next" to go to the next step and complete the process....Download Manual
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