Laser Engraver

Double Color Sticker Application
Engraving is the most common technique of laser processing. To ensure high engraving quality, a remarkable color contrast must be presented after the material is engraved. To that end, materials are usually selected on the basis of achieving pleasing post-processing effects. For example, a material in a darker color would be chosen if a light color will be shown on the material after the engraving process. Reversely, a light-colored material would be excellent to compensate for the dark-colored effect and fully exhibit the engraved details.
  • Effect of dark colors shown on the processed light-colored wood material
  • Effect of light colors shown on the processed dark-colored anode material
Engraving is not the only technique of producing a notable contrast; the use of other materials can also create a different look. The GCC LaserPro Application Lab of the month introduces a type of sticker specially designed for laser processing. A simple step of applying the sticker to the material to be engraved or cut will lead to a stunning result. By utilizing such a material, the tedious process of selecting materials and testing post-engraving color effects will no longer be necessary. All you need is matching the desired colors and an easy-on-the-eyes item will be created with simple laser cutting or engraving steps. Try this amazing material with the GCC LaserPro Application Lab now!
Step 1. Apply the double-colored sticker to the material.
Step 2. Place the material on the platen.
Step 3. Use the focus system to set the focal distance.
Step 4. Press "Start" to begin processing.
Step 5. Remove excessive parts of the cut sticker.
Step 6. Sample is complete.
Suggested parameters:
C180II 30W





PPI Other
Engraving 100% 20% 500 400 Manual Color Fill
Cutting 100% 50%
**The parameters are for suggestions only and should be moderately adjusted accordingly.
  • When you apply the sticker, please make sure it is completely flat and even to ensure cutting quality.