GCC Laser:Valentine's Day Perfume Bottle
Valentine's Day is approaching, urging the search for a unique gift to convey love. In the GCC Laser Application Lab, discover how to engrave personalized images and text on perfume bottles using the GCC S400 laser engraving machine.
Creating Personalized Pet Houses for Your Furry Friends
With the GCC S400 laser engraving machine, we can create one-of-a-kind pet houses, incorporating your ingenuity and creativity into personalized items, allowing for small-scale, diversified production with high-value-added products.
Add Unique Christmas Magic with Laser Engraving and Cutting
Celebrate Christmas creatively with GCC LaserPro! Customize holiday decorations using the advanced S400 laser engraving machine for unique, festive designs.
Laser Sample Showcase - Powder Coating Coloring by Laser Engraving
It’s the perfect time to unleash your creativity for the coming Halloween! The GCC LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate customized laser engraving and coloring applications for Halloween-themed products.
PPF Film and Windows Tint Application
PPF (Paint Protection Film) is an automotive protective film known for its weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and strong flexibility. It resists scratches, prevents paint oxidation, and reduces damage from small stones or debris while driving.
Optimum PCB Prototype Maker
Effective and efficient PCB prototyping process: you will be able to conduct PCB testing within half an hour of layout modification and thus waste no time waiting for deliveries from PCB manufacturers.
PA Material product
PA Material product portfolio includes the access card, key fob, magnet hook for training center and NFC related application.
Custom Label Cutting Application
GCC cutting plotter is the best tool to create custom labels.
AFR-24S Back Creasing Showcase
In addition, AFR-24S series combines driver of various color setting parameter that allows user to set multiple parameters with different color lines to provide maximized convenience for operation parameter setting.
Create a UID Mark by Laser Engraver / Marker
The technology used to mark an item is 2D Data Matrix ECC 200 Symbol. UID marking can be used to ensure data integrity and data quality throughout an item's lifecycle; it also supports multi-faceted business applications.
GCC LaserPro E200 Desktop Laser Engraver Application
E200 desktop laser engraver is GCC LaserPro professional-grade desktop laser engraving machine, containing advanced functions with user-friendly design and excellent artwork presented.
Smart Phone Screen Protector Films
The i-Craft cutting techniques allow for precision cutting from various angles and give you the best available protection for your smart phone, while adding a little bit of fun in manual application of the film.