Creating Personalized Pet Houses for Your Furry Friends
With the GCC S400 laser engraving machine, we can create one-of-a-kind pet houses, incorporating your ingenuity and creativity into personalized items, allowing for small-scale, diversified production with high-value-added products.
Add Unique Christmas Magic with Laser Engraving and Cutting
Celebrate Christmas creatively with GCC LaserPro! Customize holiday decorations using the advanced S400 laser engraving machine for unique, festive designs.
Laser Metal Cutting Effective Accessories Application
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab presents you fine quality earrings created with GCC LaserPro FMC 280 through the assistance of the Thin Metal Film Clamping Device.
GCC LaserPro FMC 280 Fiber Laser system works on stainless steel pipes
With a few simple steps including fixing the pipe on the rotary clamping axis, you can cut or create holes on the pipe without further hassles.
Laser cuts molded engineering parts
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab of the month reveals how FMC 280 creates additional holes on processed items. Watch FMC 280 waves its magic wand now!
Nonwoven fabric photo frame by laser engraving and cutting
Nonwoven fabric is a fabric-like material made from long fibers, bonded together by chemical, mechanical, heat or solvent treatment.
EPE Cutting
The GCC LaserPro Application Lab characterizes another packaging project by using EPE (Expanded Polyethylene), a material with exceptional elasticity and impact strength that is widely used in protective packaging.
GCC LaserPro-Double Color Sticker Application
Engraving is the most common technique of laser processing. To ensure high engraving quality, a remarkable color contrast must be presented after the material is engraved.
Packaging cutting
GCC LaserPro Laser Engravers perform efficient cutting and create folding lines with its exclusive bridge cutting function that comes with the driver, you can swiftly create any inner packages to accommodate any need of your customers.
Twill Cutting with X-Series
GCC LaserPro Application Lab will demonstrate the applications of multi-layer appliqué of Twill. You can first laminate the layers of Twill together, and use the professional GCC LaserPro X-Series for cutting.
Ornamental Clock
GCC LaserPro Application Lab has combined the GCC LaserPro laser engraver and GCC UV-curable inkjet printer to give your home a boost of individuality with unique clocks.
Metal Bookmarks
Simply working with nitrogen or oxygen, S290-200W can cut metals just as easy as average materials.