Book Cover
Making a paper book cover with its define GCC LaserPro engraving technique. Let's follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to make your own book cover!
Metal Bookmarks
Simply working with nitrogen or oxygen, S290-200W can cut metals just as easy as average materials.
Christmas Decoration
You can spray more colorful and vibrant patterns on the window by using these spraying plates. Let's follow GCC LaserPro Application Lab to decorate your window!
Door Sign
GCC LaserPro Application Lab is introducing you a special kind of door sign by using MDF along with our laser engraving function, adding more vibrant color and personality.
Create a Fashion T-shirt
Using our laser engraving and cutting systems, you can create a hollow carved suede skirt or print the patterns on the clothes by using heat transfer.
Create 3D Objects with Autodesk 123D Make
LaserPro Application Lab is showing you how to make a 3D object by using our laser engraver and 123D Make.
Inlay Necklace
By using the accurate energy control to cut two different kinds of materials, our laser engraver creating inlay effect combines two materials into one to add a name necklace extra personal touch.
Laser Cutting Stencil
GCC LaserPro Application Lab is using paper board to cut all kinds of patterns to make a stencil, making desired patterns for your cup of coffee or waffle.
Cutting PET with 9.3μ CO2 Laser
The used 9.3μ laser is slightly different with the common 10.6μ laser. Besides the engraving and cutting application, it has better performance in application of cutting plastic materials.
Roll to Roll Auto Feeder Function
Being Compatible with our Roll to Roll AutoFeeder function to achieve excellent engraving performance, our Bridge Cutting function is designed to make the engraved sample easy to store to avoid damage by dropping on the working table.
Notebook Engraving
With our advanced laser engraving techniques on its leather cover, your notebook adds a personal touch with special engraved patterns.
iPhone Case Engraving
GCC Application Lab is showing you iPhone case engraving. Engraved beautiful patterns by our laser engraver, your iPhone adds a personal touch and style.