Laser Engraver
3D Engraving on Marble
It utilizes different grayscale layers to generate varying laser energy, creating fascinating depth and shading effects. Anyone who has seen a 3D sample would undoubtedly be impressed by its stunning results.

3D laser engraving is one of GCC LaserPro's proudest technologies. By utilizing different grayscale layers, the LASER generates varying levels of energy to create visually captivating effects of depth and shading. People who have witnessed 3D samples are undoubtedly impressed by the stunning impact it delivers.

In the past, wood was often chosen as the material for 3D laser engraving due to its soft texture and ease of cleaning. It is highly suitable for sculpting 3D graphics. However, the wood itself tends to absorb water and requires delicate maintenance. Therefore, in this showcase, the GCC LaserPro Application Lab has prepared marble as an alternative. Using marble to process 3D designs yields results distinct from wood. Moreover, it avoids deformation caused by excessive water absorption and is easier to maintain.

All you need to do is prepare the marble you have at hand and place it on the laser engraving machine. Soon enough, you can effortlessly create a beautiful 3D engraving sample.


Suggested parameters:

Gaia 200W


  • Adjust the speed appropriately to avoid too strong energy to make the marble crack.
  • A damp cloth can be laid underneath the marble to avoid overheating of the marble.