Personalizing the Brand Reinforces the Company’s Commitment to Quality Manufacturing
He shared with us the reasons behind choosing GCC LaserPro and highlighted how laser engraving is the optimal choice for achieving customized logos.
Nara Prefecture, Japan
Italian Gift Store Benefits from GCC LaserPro Laser Engraving Machine
We had the pleasure of interviewing Germano Nucerito, the individual business owner of Jobart Incisioni, who has been using the GCC laser engraving machine to create beautiful customized gifts for almost 25 years.
Jobart Incisioni
Crafting Unique Wooden Treasures with Local Flair
We are delighted to have interviewed Marlène Création, which uses GCC LaserPro laser engraver to create a wide range of captivating wooden products in lifestyle products. The brand's philosophy is to offer craftsmanship at reasonable prices.
Marlène Création
Crucial Role of Laser Engraver in Creating Unique Products
Mr. Minomiya Masatomi graciously shared with us the reasons for choosing the GCC laser machine, its diverse applications in laser engraving and cutting, and the benefits they have experienced.
SASAKI Kogei Co., Ltd
Passing Down Artisan Craftsmanship Through Laser Engraving
Ruei Shiang's focus on Buddhist ritual gifts and commitment to quality, customization, and innovation showcase their dedication to global success.
Ruei Shiang
Acrylic Cutting Time Reduced from a Day to an Hour
DAISENKOUGEI Co., Ltd., based in Osaka, Japan, discussed their adoption of the GCC LaserPro C180II (30W) laser engraver with COMNET. Facing challenges with time-consuming scroll saw cutting, the laser machine significantly reduced cutting time, enabling i
Boosted Efficiency and Quality with Medium Laser Upgrade!
Mr. Yanagita and Mr. Komatsu from the Business Division of Miniature Studio Co., Ltd., have adopted our GCC LaserPro Spirit LS laser engraving machine. They graciously shared with us the reasons for choosing the GCC laser machine, its diverse applications
Miniature Studio
Starting Laser Engraver Business from Scratch with GCC
Bedex Media is brimming with enthusiasm and energy to create a diverse range of products for their valued customers. Their primary focus lies in laser cutting and engraving, which forms the core of their operations.
Bedex Media
The Dynamic New Backbone for Our Metal Processing Business
Mr. Shinao Naoyuki, President and CEO of Shiina Factory Co., Ltd., has chosen to incorporate our GCC LaserPro FMC 280 fiber-cutting machine into their operations. He graciously shared with us the motivations behind this decision, its various applications,
Shiina Factory Co., Ltd
Laser Cutting & Engraving Showcases a Variety of Aspects
The first time we noticed Ruby Rapscallion was when we saw their beautiful cake toppers in their social network photos; the exquisite and delicate textures were very appealing. We are delighted to have the opportunity to learn more about Ruby Rapscallion'
Ruby Rapscallion
South Africa
Puzzles Love Elevates Wood Engraving Productivity with GCC LaserPro
Puzzles Love primarily utilizes these machines for thin wood cutting and engraving, and engages in in-house product manufacturing, sample making, and outsourced laser processing projects.
Puzzles Love Workshop
Fast-track Lead Times with In-house Laser Cutting & Glass Prototyping!
Our company specializes in selling materials such as plastic and metal, covering a wide range of products from components to secondary materials, particularly related to the production of eyeglasses.
UNIX Co., Ltd